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  1 In general:
  2 For minor changes to a function, copy the existing formatting.
  3 When changing the style, commit that separately from other changes.
  4 For new code and major changes to a function, switch to the official json-c style.
  6 Official json-c style:
  8 Aim for readability, not strict conformance to fixed style rules.
  9 Formatting is tab based; previous attempts at proper alignment with
 10 spaces for continuation lines have been abandoned in favor of the
 11 convenience of using clang-format.
 12 Refer to the .clang-format file for details, and run the tool before commit:
 14     clang-format -i somefile.c foo.h
 16 For sections of code that would be significantly negatively impacted, surround
 17 them with magic comments to disable formatting:
 19     /* clang-format off */
 20     ...code...
 21     /* clang-format on */
 24 Naming:
 25 Words within function and variable names are separated with underscores.  Avoid camel case.
 26 Prefer longer, more descriptive names, but not excessively so.  No single letter variable names.
 28 Other:
 29 Variables should be defined for the smallest scope needed.
 30 Functions should be defined static when possible.
 31 When possible, avoid exposing internals in the public API.

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